• combined kitchen-living room, loft, 75 m2
  • heating by the wood
  • fireplace
  • dishes for 6 persons
  • gas cooker
  • gas fridge
  • grill
  • rowing boat
  • sauna
  • lights by the solar panel
  • water( for drinking) from the owner
  • dry toilet
  • pets are allowed
  • super market, post office, pharmacy, restaurant 20 km

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Villi Pohjola is a log cabin situated by the river Rantojoki. There is a lake very near and you can easily row there ( 400 metres). The cottage is surrounded by the peaceful nature and the forest. There is room for 6 persons. There is a sauna beside the cottage. There is a solar panel in the cottage which produces the energy for lights. The shore is suitable for swimming.